Plast Reconstr Surg. 2020 Jul;146(1):144-153.

Feasibility of Surgeon-Delivered Audit and Feedback Incorporating Peer Surgical Coaching to Reduce Fistula Incidence following Cleft Palate Repair: A Pilot Trial

Sitzman, Thomas J.; Tse, Raymond W.; Allori, Alexander C.; Fisher, David M.; Samson, Thomas D.; Beals, Stephen P.; Matic, Damir B.; Marcus, Jeffrey R.; Grossoehme, Daniel H.; Britto, Maria T.

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Nonrandomized pilot trial of an intensive feedback intervention incorporating peer surgical coaching to decrease fistula incidence with cleft palate repair. Of the 7 plastic surgeons enrolled in the program, 2 received intensive feedback (which included reviewing video with a peer coach), 3 received simple feedback of their fistula rates, and 2 did not receive any feedback. Feasibility was assessed.