Dr. Jessica Chandler on bringing a Surgical Coaching program to her Institution

Common Challenges faced by Surgeons

Surgeons face challenges that impact procedural performance and hinder individual and institutional growth, some examples are:

  • Pressure to improve efficiencies and reduce operative times.
  • Little time available for new skill acquisition and full adoption of available technology tools.
  • Limited opportunity for one-on -one feedback to enhance skill development and enable continuous improvement.
  • Clinician burnout contributing to lower department retention.
  • Busy schedules leading to limited opportunity to build community and share information with peers.

Surgical Coaching Program Benefits

For Surgeons

  • Decreased operative times
  • Enhanced skill acquisition
  • Improved skill retention
  • Improved procedural confidence
  • Improved technology confidence
  • Improved communication
  • Reduced exhaustion and burnout
  • Improved quality of life

For Institutions

  • Enhanced efficiencies
  • Improved communication and soft skills across participating surgeons
  • Improved surgical team performance
  • Improved community and morale
  • Reduced exhaustion and burnout for surgeons
  • Improved retention of surgeons

Success Story: Coaching Helps Surgeons reduce Operative Time by 15%

Program Overview:

Michigan Bariatric Surgical Collaborative (MBSC), a state-wide network of surgeons that share details about their practice to improve surgical care for patients. In 2015 to 2018, in collaboration with the Academy for Surgical Coaching cofounders Caprice Greenberg and Sudha Pavuluri Quamme, MSBC rolled out a coaching program to improve operative performance.


In a NIH-funded study between MBSC and the Academy for Surgical Coaching, results showed that surgical coaching helped reduce surgeon operative time, reducing average operative time from 92.5 minutes down to 78.5 minutes, a difference of 14 minutes (15%).

To introduce a lot of surgeons to Surgical Coaches in a short time, we host Coaching Roundtable sessions where surgeons can meet with 2 to 3 Surgical Coaches within an hour and continue to receive coaching from a Coach that fits their needs.


Surgical Coaching for Institutions

The Academy’s Surgical Coaching Program for Institutions provides a comprehensive package to seamlessly prepare, implement, and sustain a coaching program for your organization.

Coach Training:

  • Comprehensive training to equip Coaches with proven techniques and best practices.
  • Monthly Coach training offerings available for ease of surgeon scheduling.

Program Roll Out:

  • Detailed Setup Guide for step-by-step program implementation and management.
  • Thorough Communications Plan including email templates and sample communications for streamlined messaging.


  • Free access to Theator, HIPPA-compliant video-sharing platform (if desired).

Ongoing Support:

  • Hands-on guidance for program sustainment.
  • Expert insights to support program implementation.

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