Who We Are

Equip Every Surgeon With A Coach

The Academy for Surgical Coaching is a nonprofit organization that promotes the coaching mindset and skill set in surgery to support life-long learning and evaluate performance in practice. Coaching is used throughout one's career to set action plans and achieve goals to optimize performance in the disciplines of music, athletics, and executive coaching. The Academy now brings coaching to surgery.

Coaches help top-performing musicians and athletes become world-class. The Academy for Surgical Coaching is training a cadre of Surgical Coaches, equipping every surgeon with a Surgical Coach, and changing the way they develop as surgeons. We believe that Surgical Coaching is the best way for all surgeons, from trainees to retirees, to improve surgical skills, improve surgical care, and re-engage surgeons with their practice.

Our Goals


Train surgeons to become Surgical Coaches.


Equip surgeons with Surgical Coaches.


Facilitate Surgical Coaching sessions with custom video-based platform.


Build Surgical Coaching programs for professional societies and health care systems.

Client Testimonial

"I truly believe that surgical coaching in conjunction with ongoing peer-to-peer communication should be the model for practice development."

- Trained Coach

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with @JNJInstitute on a pilot to assess how #expert surgeons can help #practicing surgeons improve their individual #performance in the anterior to psoas approach to lumbar spine #surgery.

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