Surgery. 2020 Apr;167(4):724-731.

The System for Telementoring with Augmented Reality (STAR): A head-mounted display to improve surgical coaching and confidence in remote areas

Rojas-Muñoz, Edgar; Cabrera, Maria E.; Lin, Chengyuan; Andersen, Daniel; Popescu, Voicu; Anderson, Kathryn; Zarzaur, Ben L.; Mullis, Brian; Wachs, Juan P.

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Between-subjects RCT involving 20 student and trainee participants who completed leg fasciotomies with either real-time guidance using the System for Telementoring with Augmented Reality (STAR) or just a procedure manual. Authors concluded that participants who used STAR real-time guidance performed leg faciotomies with fewer errors, better performance scores, and higher reported confidence.