JAMA Surg. 2020 Jun 1;155(6):480-485.

Association of Personality and Thinking Style With Effective Surgical Coaching

Vande Walle, Kara A.; Pavuluri Quamme, Sudha R.; Leverson, Glen E.; Engler, Tedi; Dombrowski, Janet C.; Wiegmann, Douglas A.; Dimick, Justin B.; Greenberg, Caprice C.

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Study of personality and coach effectiveness in 2 programs, the Wisconsin Surgical Coaching Program and the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative. Researchers administered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to 23 coaches and 38 coachees and the Life Styles Inventory to all coaches. An increase in a coach’s Life Styles Inventory constructive style score correlated with an increase in overall coach performance for the first coaching session but not for subsequent sessions. Authors concluded that surgeons of all personality types and thinking styles can become effective coaches.