Coaching Program Management

The Academy for Surgical Coaching has over 5 years experience in managing large-scale Surgical Coaching programs for healthcare systems and professional societies. We provide complete program management services including promotion, scheduling, technology support, and access to our goal-tracking platform.

Custom Coaching Sessions

Introduction to Surgical Coaching

We host webinars and face-to-face presentations for up to 50 attendees introducing the concepts of Surgical Coaching and demonstrating the benefits for surgeons and healthcare providers.

Coaching Café

At your professional or scientific conference, we can setup a comfortable environment where surgeons can drop in to meet with Surgical Coaches and have face-to-face coaching sessions. A Coaching Café is a great way to launch an organization’s coaching program because of ease of scheduling.

Coaching Roundtable

To introduce a lot of surgeons to Surgical Coaches in a short time, we host Coaching Roundtable sessions where surgeons can meet with 2 to 3 Surgical Coaches within an hour and continue to receive coaching from a Coach that fits their needs.

Tailored Coach Training

For organizations that want to train from 6 to 15 Surgical Coaches, we can host a private Surgical Coach training session for your surgeons. These programs can be tailored to your specific discipline and branded with your organization’s logo.

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